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Sterling Silver Jewelry (SSJ LLC) is a consortium of gifted artisans

We are proud to offer classic and contemporary sterling silver jewelry designed by the finest artisans from the United States, Mexico, Indonesia and beyond. 

We are offering our collections only on our website

The majority of our jewelry is handmade featuring Sterling Silver composed of 92.5% pure silver with 18 carat gold embellishments on some pieces, the established United States standard. Many of our pieces showcase AAA grade semi-precious gemstones such as amethyst, citrine, blue topaz, garnet, smoky topaz, green quartz, and black onyx.

We suggest that you check back often, as our selection will continue to change due to our continual offering of new designs.

Having been in business since 1993, we are now offering our collection of silver sterling jewelry on-line at

A message from Mike,


I started my career in the sterling silver jewelry business in June of 1993. Before the year was out I was buying silver in Mexico by the suitcase full, so heavy it took 2 people to hoist the case into the overhead storage. At that time the market price was $6.00 an ounce for silver. It is not $28.00 an ounce.

My customer base was small retail stores in the Midwest. In fact one of my biggest customers was Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh, now Silpada Designs. I would bring a small shipment of jewelry designed by myself and some very talented artisans.  My first stop was always to see Bonnie & Teresa. It is exciting that they have done so well...Cheers to them. 

Later it was suggested that I build a web site and sell sterling silver jewelry online to the public and there is really where  it all began. Since then I have traveled  to several countries that specialize in quality sterling silver jewelry, mostly all handmade.

Late one December night  after losing a dear friend and feeling sorry for myself, I was perusing the web for domain names for my online business which was only still a vision at that time. I typed in and it was available! At 2AM I was now the proud owner of the best domain name in the silver jewelry business. Now what's next? You will have to watch the progress and join the adventure with us on where we feature tiffany inspired designs, the Bali collection and other high quality silver. 

I want to thank the people who have believed in my dream and the domain name  Guillermo, Deni, Memo, Noa, Alex, Hugo, Victor, Mike, Rocco, John,  Shea, Kevin, Brad, Laura, Savannah, Erin and many others!

I always try to answer or return phone calls and emails. You can reach me at or 877-839-2119.


Mike Foglesong
President SSJ LLC